GRID Preview

Friday, May 30 2008, by smakus         2 Comments

To put it succinctly, if you like racing games, GRID is a must-buy. If you don't like racing games, GRID is still most likely the game for you. It is the kind of racing game that even people who hate racing games will love to play. If you were to have the PGR and Burnout family lines cross to form an...

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GTA IV Preview

Sunday, April 27 2008, by smakus         No Comments

What can I say? Definitely game of the year. Grand Theft Auto IV lives up to the hype. If you haven't ordered this game yet, you better be in line at midnight to get it. I know this sounds fanboyish, but it's true. You can ride in taxis, go to strip clubs, eat in diners, go bowling, shoot pool, and even...

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Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Preview

Monday, March 17 2008, by smakus         1 Comment

Playing the game now. The game is good... Not revolutionary, but evolutionary. It is the equivalent of the original Rainbow Six: Vegas with a couple of service packs applied. They have addressed many issues in our Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Wishlist , and expanded online play in ways that make it much better...

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N+ Preview

Friday, February 22 2008, by smakus         No Comments

Smakus's take: This game is hella fun. It is like Ninja Gaiden, Mario, and Prince of Persia all rolled into one. The movement of the character feels good, and the gameplay is simple and fun. At 1200 points, it would be worth it, but at 800, this game is a STEAL. Great longevity, as it has a built-in...

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