Dear Bethesda, I'll be happy to steal your game...

Wednesday, November 25 2009, by smakus         4 Comments

Dear Bethesda Softworks, We here at TrustyGamer pay for all of the games we review, but we use the internet to determine which games are worth reviewing. Your game Rogue Warrior looked like it might be something worthy of taking a deeper look at, so I visited your website . I was presented with a nice...

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Sony to offer Xbox Live Gold subscriptions to PS3 owners

Monday, November 23 2009, by smakus         No Comments

Well, not really... but in an interview, good ole Kaz mentioned that the PlayStation Network would soon be offering a "premium content" subscription-based model. Microsoft should be blushing, because after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... Right Sony? The good news is that...

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Hey gaming industry, stop adding age verification checks to internet videos. It's dumb.

Monday, October 05 2009, by smakus         16 Comments

Have you ever read a blog post or gaming preview article that claims to have some awesome gameplay footage for a hot new action game? Of course you have. And more often than not, as soon as you click to play the video, you are immediately interrupted with a stupid ass "age verification" check...

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Is Trixie360 a part-time burlesque babe??

Monday, September 28 2009, by smakus         1 Comment

Some of you intimate fans of the Xbox 360 community may have heard of such gaming personalities as Major Nelson , and his sidekick TriXie . Well, a few months ago, TriXie (gamertag Trixie360) had supposedly gone on "maternity leave"... or so the Microsoft would have you believe! Behold, proof...

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I beat that game...

Tuesday, September 23 2008, by userx         9 Comments

Don’t say “I beat that game” you tool. You have probably heard that phrase more than once during a conversation about video games. You might have even seen it when you were reading some comments on a video game site about a particular game. It probably went something like this. BearsFan54...

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What is up with Nintendo and their supply chain???

Tuesday, June 17 2008, by smakus         5 Comments

I don't know what asshole at Nintendo thought it would be a good idea to keep all of their products in short supply, but that dude needs to be fired. I understand the concept of perceptual demand, but this is ridiculous. I can forgive them if it is hard to find a Wii, or even a Wii Fit, because after...

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Our Gears of War 2 Wishlist is slowly being granted??

Wednesday, May 21 2008, by smakus         No Comments

We posted a Gears of War 2 Wishlist some time ago, and now it appears as though some of our dreams might actually be coming true! The first wish to be partially granted was the confirmation of 4 player co-op (part of wish #1, originating video here ). This is great news and it's nice to see Epic following...

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I miss color.

Thursday, May 15 2008, by smakus         228 Comments

I don't know what the hell is going on with modern game design and aesthetics. Remember those days when you'd turn on a video game, and it truly felt like you were being transported to another world? I remember having feelings of happiness playing games like Duke Nukem 3D or Mario64. Even with their...

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Sony is worthless.

Tuesday, May 13 2008, by smakus         6 Comments

Ok, we usually try to stay out of the fanboy pits of hell, but a lot of shit-talking has been circulating the various blogs recently, and they pretty much all say the same thing: Sony is worthless. First, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg called Sony out , and I must say we have to applaud him on that one...

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3 Grand Theft Auto IV bugs that need to go away.

Saturday, May 10 2008, by smakus         7 Comments

We've done enough bitching about GTA IV's shortcomings . Regardless, we can't help but point out 3 really annoying flaws in this game that need fixing. Even if Rockstar doesn't get around to fixing the issues we've mentioned previously , I really really really hope they at least fix these bugs in Grand...

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